Basic Summer/holiday Essentials

July is here! Time for my second holiday ! First being to the stunning Turkey, next week is Cornwall time ! Here is my list of essentials I take (excluding suncream and after sun and makeup etc). :

Lush; Happy Hippy shower gel:

This shower gel has a beautiful citrus scent to it making it perfect for a refreshing shower during those hot months! Also it’s so cheap at £4.50.

The body shop; Vitiman C face spritz:

This facial spray is perfect for holiday. It has a orange scent to it and feels cooling. It hydrates the skin which is super important while making the skin look happy and bright. I use this on my freshly shaved legs too for extra hydration and to make my legs look smooth and bright.

The Body Shop; coconut body butter:

I swear by body shops body butters. The coconut one is brill for those holidays. Keeps skin extra soft while smelling like a tropical dream…. nom !

Avon; balanced & matte spf 15:

As we all know spf is essential. One thing you should never forget to do is apply spf all over. Your face being no exception. If like me, you are forgetful (whoops!) use a facial lotion with spf after washing your face. This one is good for my oily skin. Keeps my skin soft and protected from the sun with out blocking my pores.

Carex; strawberry laces hands, face and body wipes:

I like to take wipes with me on holiday as me and ice cream make a mess, I am one messy eater ! It’s good to have wipes handy to freshen up whenever needed. These ones smell like the name suggests which I think is amazing!

What are your summer holiday must have ? Xo


Lush review: Snow fairy shower gel

I lost my Lush virginity yesterday, I know, what took me so long. Stop judging me!

It was overwhelming at first, the bright colours, the scents and all the different products. Luckily a lovely lady helped me pick out snow fairy shower gel along with space girl and cinders bath bombs plus bubblegum Lip scrub (reviews to follow).

Let me say..  The packaging and colour of this product is so beautiful and bright! I love it. The scent reminds me of candy floss which brings back memories of trips to the carnival. I feel it was cheap at £3.75 for 100 ml.

The gel was so soft on the skin, the scent was really strong but not over powering. It was a dream to use. My skin feels soft after which is great!  As I write this my skin and bathroom smell delicious. What’s not to love?

What the future holds

Nobody knows what the future has in store for us. We can only dream about it. And that is scarily beautiful..

But what’s so wrong about living in the now. Forget about tomorrow. What do you want to do today?!

Ok, yes I’ve been “freaking” about my future.. What’s going to happen with my boyfriend? Will we get married/have kids? If so, when?
But I’ve came to a conclusion, I shouldn’t focus my future on a relationship, instead I should focus on other achievements. This year I went abroad for the first time, I overcame a big fear (planes) and achived one of my life goals! I sat out on the balcony in Turkey at 5:30 am and cried because for the first time I felt I was on the right path, I was exactly where I was supposed to be, my life seemed to make sense. I’ve never cried like that before, so open and honest.

This has boasted my confidence up so much. I feel that I can achieve and overcome anything if I truly want to. That said. I have been thinking about applying for an online Journalism course and have found one via London school of Journaliam. I will get a diplomia in a subject that appeals to me. What do you my amazing followers think. Need your opinions 🙂


From a photoshoot in Turkey

Michaela, xo