Lord of Misrule Shower Cream by Lush.

I’m a shower person. I’m not really into having baths, although I do like Lushs sex bomb and cinders bath bomb. 

I’m always looking for a shower gel/cream that can help soften my dry skin. However this wasn’t the reason for me buying Lord of Misrule. I brought it because it’s bright green! My favourite colour. Also I’ve been really into the scent of black pepper.


This smells……incredible. it smells very earthy, spicy and herbaly but slightly sweet which balances it all out. I’m so addicted to this scent and I can’t explain why. It lingires on my skin for ages which is nice and as I can keep smelling my skin through out the day!

I didn’t expect it to make my skin so soft but it does. All of Lushs other shower gels/creams haven’t really made an impact on my skin. Very impressed. Yesterday I brought the big bottle in the picture even though I’m not running out… its a limited item so want to make sure I have Pleanty to last me.

This scent won’t be to everybody’s taste but if you like green shower creams that smells spicy, give it a try before it runs out!


Bad hair day.

You guessed it, here’s another Lush review. Over the last few (4+) months I’ve noticed my hair has been acting out with bad split ends!

When I saw Shine So Bright I knew I had to try it. It is a hair balm for spilt ends with some great ingredients. Extra virgin coconut oil, Shea Butter, Free Range Eggs, all these ingredients I know work well with my hair.


I have a broken camera, sorry!

I love using this! Every morning after brushing my hair I warm a bit of this balm in my hands and rub it into my ends and my bangs/fringe to keep my hair soft. It has a beautiful orange scent to it which is very uplifting. I was worried it would make my hair look greasy but luckily it doesn’t.

I can’t say it repairs split ends (it doesn’t claim to) but I do feel I’m doing my hair some good by giving it as much nutrients as possible. I notice after using this my spilt ends do look less noticeable and healthier, win win !

Thanks for reading. X

Lush skin care update. Winter.

I went into Lush a while back with a few skin complaints. My skin was breaking out bad and my skin tone was uneven and bright red. I explained that my normal routine was a face wash (bioré which I love!) And tea tree toner water. She said she was concerned that I was striping my oils away.


She recommend Ocean Salt which I was very against. I like a good scrub but felt it would be too hydrating for my oily skin. When I tried it I was amazed, my skin felt smooth, clean and also soft with out feeling oily! I love this scrub as it has good effects on my skin and smells like a cocktail without alcohol, amazing. I use this twice a week. Ocean Salt is £7.95.

She also recommend Eau Roma toner water to spray over my face when I want to. This toner has lavender and rose water which helps hydrate my skin without over doing it, and keeps skin tone even. A perfect winter saviour ! I normally use this after I’ve washed my face, toned with Tea Tree water (i refuse to give it up) and done my make up. I use it before I leave the house and go into the winter weather. At £4.50 for 100g I think it’s great value.

After loving Ocean Salt I felt it was time to become more adventurous with skin care. I was always intreagued by Ultrabland. I had never tried it as the ingredients seemed too much for my skin. It has honey, beeswax and almond oil (for full list go on their website). It’s so fun to use, massage it onto dry skin then wash off with a damp cloth. Ultrabland made my skin feel so clean and so soft (again without feeling oily or sticky). The honey is good for spots as it’s an antiseptic so my spots have gone done and look better. The only con is I don’t like the smell at all, but luckily it doesn’t stay. I felt so confident in myself after using it I even got my boss to feel how soft my face felt, she was amazed ! I feel ultrabland is perfect for my skins needs. You can also double cleanse with this, I sometimes use bioré after. This cost me £7.50 for 45g and think it will last me ages!

My shaving essentials ft: Lush!

Most woman love having smooth, hair free legs! I know I do. However a few years ago my skin decided to get a very very awful rash that never went away no matter how much lotion the doctors gave me. They even told me to stop shaving … as if !!!!

So, these products from Lush have actually helped my rash dissaprear. I now have legs I can show off in a dress.


To start I use Rub Rub Rub Body Scrub on *dry* skin then rinse.  Using it on dry skin gives a rougher scrub (which my dry skin needs). I adore this scrub as it smells amazing and leaves my skin ultra bright and silky soft and smelling lovely for a long time after.

Then I use D’fluff shaving soap. This strawberry soap not only smells like, well yummy strawberries, it gives a close and comfortable shave without irritation.

Right before I get out the shower I rub Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner all over my legs (and body) and leave on for a minuite before rinsing off. This helps add extra moister to legs after shaving. It smells like rose jam (turkish delight to all you non lushies) and you don’t need body lotion after ! Now I have perfect summer pins.

Hope this helps x

Lush: Catastrophe Cosmetic Fresh Facemask review

I need to talk about something, something I’ve wanted to talk about for a long time.. I love facemasks…!

The problem with this love? My skin. My skin doesn’t love them. Every facemask I’ve tried has left me sore and red as a lobster thanks to the ingredient kaolin that absorbs oil.

But let me introduce you to Catastrophe Cosmetic Fresh Facemask from Lush.


This sweet, lovely smelling miracle is perfect for my oily, spot prone, sensitive skin due to the kind ingredients. It rids my skin of oil but doesn’t make me feel dry. As soon as its washed off my spots are less red thanks to the chamomile.

. Spots are instantly less red
. Pores look smaller
. Skin feels and looks smooth
. It smells amazing!
. No irritation
. Makes skin look brighter
. It has my favourite thing in it, blueberries!
. Kind ingredients – good for sensitive skin
. Helps achieve a even skin tone

. Priced at £6.50 not a cheap option
. Has to be used with in 3 weeks due to fresh ingredients
. Difficult to wash off – I hold a warm wet flannel over my face for 5 seconds before washing off.

My tips to get the best out of this mask are, before using wash your face with Fresh Fharmacy facial soap also from lush. Before you wash the mask off give your face a quick massage. Then hey Presto lovely skin! I use it once a week to (try to) keep spots away.

I recommend this face mask! It’s the best I’ve ever tried. I am on my second pot and will buy again and again!

Lush review: angels on bare skin cleanser

You might have guessed it but.. I’ve gone on a bit of a Lush spree..
I’ve tried their shower/bath and hair care products but wanted to try skin care.

First heres what you need you know about my skin, I have an oily T-zone but also sensitive skin. I’ve had this product for about 2 week’s and have used it 5 times only in the morning. I use a “harsher” one a night.

Angels on bare skin promised to be a gentle cleanser that removed excess oil without causing dryness or irritation. It also claims to give an even skin tone.

Pros :

This product cleansed my face without feeling too harsh and made my pores look smaller. It didn’t cause any dryness or irritation. I liked the smell it left on my skin (lavender). It was also really nice to use! The best thing is I wake up with less oily skin now..!


I found angles on bare skin messy to use, you have to put some in your hand, add water to make a paste, I found little bits of it got all over the sink. I feel the claim to even out skin tone isn’t true for me which is disappointing. It is also expensive (£6ish) and only “lasts” for 3 months.

Overall, I like angels on bare skin, it’s an effective yet gentle cleanser with natrual ingredients NOT tested on animals. It’s messy yet lovely to use and no overpowering scent. There is a high chance of me buying this again but no certainty due to price..! Thanks for reading xo

Lush review: Rehab Shampoo

Hello! Yes, another Lush review. This time, Rehab shampoo. The reason I choose this shampoo is that I really wanted to try a natural hair care product.


I am so impressed with this shampoo. I blowdry and straighten my hair very often so my hair does get damaged, dry and plain dull.

The scent is a very clean one, but I like it, a lot! My hair felt like it was being deeply cleansed because of the peppermint oil, and after washing it out it already felt healthy and conditioned which I don’t get from just shampoo. Even when my hair needed to be washed again two days later, my hair still felt super soft.

After I was done in the shower (I used American cream conditioner) my hair looked so gorgeous and it had a bright shine. I think this is due to the fresh pineapple, mango and kiwi juice (wow, how tasty do those ingredients sound ..). My hair was tangle free, yay!

I would totally recommend this shampoo to anyone whos hair needs some care. Smells nice, cleanses deeply, de-tangles and softens with some seriously lush ingredients (peppermint oil, papaya, pineapple, mango and kiwi juice, fine sea salt, lavender oil to name a few…)

Thanks for reading xo