Great expectations

Lately I have been facing lots of disappointments; this has got my questioning myself. Are my standards too high that they are unreasonable? Unattainable? This is the boring bit; my expectations/standards are;

  • Be on time– If we have made the effort to make plans at least make the effort to be punctual – I am an impatient woman!
  • Be straight and upfront with me – again, I am impatient, I like straightforward people who “tell it like it is”
  • Be truthful/honest, always – pretty self explanatory.
  • Be patient with me – I need someone who can handle my crazy mood swings, understand everything I have been through in just 21 years of life.
  • Make time for me – I like to make time for my “other half” and expect it in return.
  • Appreciate me – I make an effort to look good for my “other half” ( I dont always expect this..) so It’s nice to recive compliments from the one who owns my heart.

Is this so unfair…? Thoughts please x