A note to my boyfriend

To my boyfriend,  I know you’ll read this and I think it’s cute you take an interest in what I have to say. We’ve been together for 5 years now and as we take the next step I feel there’s a few things you need to know. 

The reason I nag, bitch, moan or give you “ultimatums” isn’t beacuse I want to hurt you. It’s beacuse you’re the best thing to happen to me and I know you/we can be great. Everything I do comes for love and passion.

I demand 100% honesty and sincerity beacuse I don’t understand dishonesty.

I love the fact we don’t do small talk. I can be my unusual self and you don’t seem fazed anymore. That’s the most exciting part of having a long term relationship with you.

I know I talk about being open minded but when it comes to relationships I’m old fashioned. I like when you open doors for me, I prefer phone calls and love notes over texts. I (try and) take charge of gift giving for your…our family beacuse I love how hard you work and feel like that’s my role (old values again).

I believe in soul mates and I love the connection we have.

I love you.


Autum and Winter Skin Saviour.

I know it’s only September but I’ve started to get my skin ready for the colder months ahead !

Every winter I feel bad about my skins awful/dry condition. This year I’m doing something about it.


Body Butters are something I swear by. I love Shea or Coca Butter (body Shop) as it is the best for my very dry skin, but as I don’t have any for now I’ve been using Honeymania butter (which was free! ). I didn’t think I’d like this …. but the smell is ok, not powerful and it really does hydrate my skin. It’s ace.

I also have the honeymania lip balm which was also feee. Perfect to fit in handbags. It keeps my lips soft and kissable. Pucker up …! It’s a very sweet smell which isn’t my favourite but I can over look that as it works wonders.

I’ve been loving avon products for my hands and feet. I use their Planet Spa Blissfully Nourishing Hand and Foot Scrub. It’s a creamy scrub with Shea butter in it and works well at getting all the dry, dead skin off hands and feet as well as keeping them smooth and moisturised. I like the smell of this, reminds me of popcorn. I Use it twice a week. At a bargain price if £3.16 (on offer) I’ve stocked up.

To keep feet extra soft after exfoliating I use Avons foot works beautiful overnight cream with moisture socks. This cream is lovely to use and mildly scented. I use this twice a week to keep my feet soft, smooth and hydrated.

For my hands I use Avons Coca Butter hand cream. It smells like chocolate (no suprise there) and is the best hand cream I have used, and I’ve tried a lot ! The scent is fairly strong but doesn’t lingire. I use this with moisture gloves at night twice a week for extra moisture while I sleep… as well as every morning before I leave the house.

Any winter skin saviours you swear by? Let me know. Thanks for reading xo