Why it’s great to be curvy

Throughout all my teenage years I was having a war with my body, I hated it. I disliked every part of me. Going for a bra fitting was my idea of hell! But now at the age of 24 I couldn’t be happier with my body. To quote Joey “I’m curvy and I like it!”


I love having curves, I like having a womanly figure to fill out my bras and dresses. I like having curvy role models to look up to and admire. I feel sexy and beautiful! My body is always beach  ready !! I like the way my body looks in a shorts and dresses in the summer and always show it off. I really enjoy summer now.

I feel sexy when I wear camisoles as it really compliments my body shape and captures my mans attention and makes me feel like a goddess. I like how my curves make me confident and happy after years of hating them. I tend to celebrate by buying lots of Curvy kate from brastop com…. and why shouldn’t I ? I have the body for it after all, even though I know only I / my man will see my beautiful curvy kate sets, I feel empowered when I celebrate my beautiful curves …. xo


What the future holds

Nobody knows what the future has in store for us. We can only dream about it. And that is scarily beautiful..

But what’s so wrong about living in the now. Forget about tomorrow. What do you want to do today?!

Ok, yes I’ve been “freaking” about my future.. What’s going to happen with my boyfriend? Will we get married/have kids? If so, when?
But I’ve came to a conclusion, I shouldn’t focus my future on a relationship, instead I should focus on other achievements. This year I went abroad for the first time, I overcame a big fear (planes) and achived one of my life goals! I sat out on the balcony in Turkey at 5:30 am and cried because for the first time I felt I was on the right path, I was exactly where I was supposed to be, my life seemed to make sense. I’ve never cried like that before, so open and honest.

This has boasted my confidence up so much. I feel that I can achieve and overcome anything if I truly want to. That said. I have been thinking about applying for an online Journalism course and have found one via London school of Journaliam. I will get a diplomia in a subject that appeals to me. What do you my amazing followers think. Need your opinions 🙂


From a photoshoot in Turkey

Michaela, xo

Girls, Girls, Girls.

I am getting so tierd of seeing girls dressing and acting like they have no respect for themselves, like they are advertising a whore house. I think confidence is sexy and think every girl should love who they are, but do they really need to walk around half-naked even in winter, the only thing you’re going to get from that is a cold or an STI!

Trust me, wearing nice fitting clothes that show off your curves and only a bit of skin = sexy and classy, wearing clothes that show of every bit of skin = desperate and insecure which is not attractive. I feel that mystery also attracts people to you and  showing off all your body isn’t very mysterious now is it?

I am confident enough to wear clothes that hug my curvy figure but not show too much flesh and  still feel and know I look good ! ….Just sayin’….