It’s not like the good old days.

Now I’m not the kinda woman to want to be stuck at home and raise a family while my partner makes all the money. I thought I could do it all as I am a woman! But while reading my work terms and conditions I was surprised to see I’d only get 39 weeks of maternity pay! So before my baby was even a year old I’d be expected to be working my ass of for minimum wage while leaving my infant with a stranger! (I’m not pregnant!)

I know us girls  have equal rights, but we can’t be expected to have a family (if we want) and hold down a job to pay for the bundle of joy, I don’t think all the ladies who burnt their bras so we could have these equal rights really though it through..!

It seems us girls can’t have it all, we can’t be a stay at home mum as that doesn’t put food on the table or pay the bills, but should we really only focus on making money? Isn’t being a mother the most rewarding of jobs? I guess it’s because of all the femals who have children as they are too lazy to work that ruins it for those of us wh0 do wan’t it all.  Should working/single mothers get more right?…


Girls, Girls, Girls.

I am getting so tierd of seeing girls dressing and acting like they have no respect for themselves, like they are advertising a whore house. I think confidence is sexy and think every girl should love who they are, but do they really need to walk around half-naked even in winter, the only thing you’re going to get from that is a cold or an STI!

Trust me, wearing nice fitting clothes that show off your curves and only a bit of skin = sexy and classy, wearing clothes that show of every bit of skin = desperate and insecure which is not attractive. I feel that mystery also attracts people to you and  showing off all your body isn’t very mysterious now is it?

I am confident enough to wear clothes that hug my curvy figure but not show too much flesh and  still feel and know I look good ! ….Just sayin’….