Lord of Misrule Shower Cream by Lush.

I’m a shower person. I’m not really into having baths, although I do like Lushs sex bomb and cinders bath bomb. 

I’m always looking for a shower gel/cream that can help soften my dry skin. However this wasn’t the reason for me buying Lord of Misrule. I brought it because it’s bright green! My favourite colour. Also I’ve been really into the scent of black pepper.


This smells……incredible. it smells very earthy, spicy and herbaly but slightly sweet which balances it all out. I’m so addicted to this scent and I can’t explain why. It lingires on my skin for ages which is nice and as I can keep smelling my skin through out the day!

I didn’t expect it to make my skin so soft but it does. All of Lushs other shower gels/creams haven’t really made an impact on my skin. Very impressed. Yesterday I brought the big bottle in the picture even though I’m not running out… its a limited item so want to make sure I have Pleanty to last me.

This scent won’t be to everybody’s taste but if you like green shower creams that smells spicy, give it a try before it runs out!


Longleat Festival of Lights 2015.

I adore winter, always have. Something about the winter months I find romantic, perhaps beacuse i met J 6 years ago during winter. Last year my Grandparents (In Laws) gave J and I both Longleat passes. We were thrilled. The first thing we did was attend the festival of Lights as a family.

The festival of Lights is a Chinese celebration so of course the whole theme is Chinese myths/Beliefs etc.

Today J and I decided to head to it alone.. yet again I was so happy with it!



It’s amazing. The lights, the hard work and the atmosphere. Each bit has a bit of information about lights. To learn more see:


Lush review: Snow fairy shower gel

I lost my Lush virginity yesterday, I know, what took me so long. Stop judging me!

It was overwhelming at first, the bright colours, the scents and all the different products. Luckily a lovely lady helped me pick out snow fairy shower gel along with space girl and cinders bath bombs plus bubblegum Lip scrub (reviews to follow).

Let me say..  The packaging and colour of this product is so beautiful and bright! I love it. The scent reminds me of candy floss which brings back memories of trips to the carnival. I feel it was cheap at £3.75 for 100 ml.

The gel was so soft on the skin, the scent was really strong but not over powering. It was a dream to use. My skin feels soft after which is great!  As I write this my skin and bathroom smell delicious. What’s not to love?