Just another day..

Yes today I am feeling totally crap again!! I’ve just had a lovely week Off with Mr. J but I still feel low.

I feel like I’ve lost my balance. I was meditating and reading tarot cards and runes (accident rocks things) to get a sense of wellbeing and balance in my life, I was doing something positive for myself. It was making me feel “In control” and a gave me a sense of direction.. I hope you understand!

Now? Its seems everyone else comes first and yet again my needs get pushed a side. Friends and family? They need me right now as issues are going on. so no time for myself. Work? Expect me to work without breaks or any extra pay for over time. How charming is that! Relationship? Don’t get me started..

I’m being pushed to my limits again. My self-esteem and confidence is suffering and I just want to give in ..! I thought I was doing so well, no it’s all come back


Lush review: angels on bare skin cleanser

You might have guessed it but.. I’ve gone on a bit of a Lush spree..
I’ve tried their shower/bath and hair care products but wanted to try skin care.

First heres what you need you know about my skin, I have an oily T-zone but also sensitive skin. I’ve had this product for about 2 week’s and have used it 5 times only in the morning. I use a “harsher” one a night.

Angels on bare skin promised to be a gentle cleanser that removed excess oil without causing dryness or irritation. It also claims to give an even skin tone.

Pros :

This product cleansed my face without feeling too harsh and made my pores look smaller. It didn’t cause any dryness or irritation. I liked the smell it left on my skin (lavender). It was also really nice to use! The best thing is I wake up with less oily skin now..!


I found angles on bare skin messy to use, you have to put some in your hand, add water to make a paste, I found little bits of it got all over the sink. I feel the claim to even out skin tone isn’t true for me which is disappointing. It is also expensive (£6ish) and only “lasts” for 3 months.

Overall, I like angels on bare skin, it’s an effective yet gentle cleanser with natrual ingredients NOT tested on animals. It’s messy yet lovely to use and no overpowering scent. There is a high chance of me buying this again but no certainty due to price..! Thanks for reading xo

Lush review: Rehab Shampoo

Hello! Yes, another Lush review. This time, Rehab shampoo. The reason I choose this shampoo is that I really wanted to try a natural hair care product.


I am so impressed with this shampoo. I blowdry and straighten my hair very often so my hair does get damaged, dry and plain dull.

The scent is a very clean one, but I like it, a lot! My hair felt like it was being deeply cleansed because of the peppermint oil, and after washing it out it already felt healthy and conditioned which I don’t get from just shampoo. Even when my hair needed to be washed again two days later, my hair still felt super soft.

After I was done in the shower (I used American cream conditioner) my hair looked so gorgeous and it had a bright shine. I think this is due to the fresh pineapple, mango and kiwi juice (wow, how tasty do those ingredients sound ..). My hair was tangle free, yay!

I would totally recommend this shampoo to anyone whos hair needs some care. Smells nice, cleanses deeply, de-tangles and softens with some seriously lush ingredients (peppermint oil, papaya, pineapple, mango and kiwi juice, fine sea salt, lavender oil to name a few…)

Thanks for reading xo

Lush review: Bubblegum Lip Scrub

Hi lovelies!

In these colder days, my lips suffer, they become sore and dry. As promised here is my review of Lush bubblegum lip scrub.


First of, you can actually eat this scrub! It’s a bit too sweet for my liking but if you want you can lick it off your lips after using. Just open the tub, put a bit on your finger and in circular motions rub it on your lips. I find I only need to use a little amount for soft lips that look instantly smoother.

I would defiantly recommend this product and would buy again, I would like to try seasonal ones. Once again, it’s a must have for party season, who doesn’t want bubblegum scented lips begging to be kissed under mistletoe?!   xo