Porn to blame for everything!!! Strong content

“I wish I could be more like that” . Do you ever wish you could be more like someone else? Sound familiar? …

Have you ever looked at someone and compared yourself to them?

This Made Me Laugh

Teenagers will be curious about what sex is and how it is done. Sex education in the U.K teaches our children that it is all about making babies and nothing more. nearly all teenagers will look to pornography as a sex ed alternative.

What they don’t realise is it paints a completely wrong vision of what sex is. It shows teenagers that all woman have perfect bodies and are up for sex all the time. That violence and domination are all normal parts of the sexual experience every time.

In reality woman don’t all have the “perfect” breasts or bodies, we all come in different shapes and sizes and I feel men don’t respect that.

I feel that porn can negatively effect self-esteem. A girl who sees porn may feel inadequate compared to the actresses and believe that this is what truly men want.

I detest everything porn stands for. I believe that it really reduces self image. 

Whats your opinion?


Living with Turner Syndrome, My story so far..

The 4 Years of My Life...

Turner syndrome (TS) is a

My Old Friend!

chromosome disorder that only affects girls (1/2.500 are effected). A girl normally has two X chromosomes. In turners, one of the X’s are either missing or in my case, damaged. It is thought that 1% of miscarriages are due to downs and Turner syndrome. Katie Price had a miscarriage and discovered her unborn daughter had TS. The main symptoms are; Lack of height and sexual development, webbed neck and feet, low ear set and infertility

When I was around 10 years old I was diagnosed with TS. I hadn’t grown in a year so was referred to a specialist by my doctor and the rest is history..

When I was 11 I started 4 years of daily injections of growth hormone (which has left a small white lump on my left upper arm) to help increase my height which is now 4 foot 11 inches. My Mum also warned me that if  I ever wanted kids I’d have to consider other possibilities like IVF.

Soon after I turnt 14 I decided to go to a trial to help other girls with TS. I had to take a daily pill of either placebo or oestrogen for 2 years without knowing which one I was taking. When I was 16 I was told I  had been in fact taking oestrogen which my Mum had a feeling I was!

I am now attending a young persons hormone clinic to keep a close eye on my health as TS has many implications such as kidney, heart and bladder problems. I also have my height, weight and blood pressure checked out.

I feel more comfortable talking about my condition than I use to. It’s a big part of my life and makes me who I am .. unique. I use to feel it made me a “freak” and I didn’t mention it to my boyfriends but now I’m proud to say yes, I do have Turner syndrome 😀

Why so much cheating?

Splitting up is never easy to do

Have you ever noticed how much infidelity goes in the world? Its getting more and more common for couples to split up over their partners sleeping around. Its happening everywhere, even in the land of the rich and famous. I don’t see why this is becoming a popular trend. I really wish I knew what causes people to cheat on the ones they love. I’m not judging anyone who may have cheated on someone, I just believe that if there are issues in the relationship, it’s better to be open and honest with your partner about them.

When I was younger (11 years old) my dad cheated on my mum with someone younger than her. I remember her screaming, crying and my dad moving out for a month. I didn’t understand what was going on and I had noone to talk to about it. Eventually my parents worked it out and to this day are stronger for it. I just wished we didn’t have to go through all the pain he had caused.


A pill we can all take.

Self-esteem is how you feel about the way you look. It can affect what you do or even don’t do with your live. I think that low self-esteem affects most men and woman and can start at any age.

It is something that can have a profound effect on your life. It can stop your social and sex life. It may even lead to depression.

If you think you suffer from low self-esteem there are things you can do to improve it
.Talk to a friend or even a counsellor.
. Look at yourself in the mirror and say 3 things you do like about what you see.
. Try to realise when you feel down about yourself and why.
. If you think you may have depression – seek doctors advice!