Curvy kate review: Shockwave Bikini

I can hear my 16 year self screaming at me now: “A bikini that fits your big bust?! Haha yeah, whatever!”.
I’ve never had good experiences with bikinis. I’ve never had one that fits! It will sit around my 31″ frame but the cups wouldn’t fit and would expose me … The horror !

Let me introduce you to Curvy Kate who sell “bra sized” swimwear staring at a D cup.  I chose Shockwave due to its 70s inspired pattern and colour. I love this bikini.


The top is in size 32E and the bottoms in a size 10. The fit is perfect. The 32 band provides great support and uplift… as I’m sure you will agree. I don’t spill out of the E cups even when swimming!
The bottoms are very comforable and not too reveling but I still felt sexy wearing it as I soaked up the sun in Turkey.

The colour is eye catching and summery for sure, made me feel daring and unstoppable. Like I said, I just adore the pattern and detail, the pink clip on the straps is very 70s and compliments the whole look. I would recommend Shockwave. It’s so beautiful. X

Fit: 4/5
Comfort: 5/5
Appearance: 5/5


Curvy Kate Portia review.

When I first saw the bra when it arrived I must admit, my heart sunk. The colour is so bright! I tend to stick to black or dark purple or green.


But when I tried it on, I was thrilled to find it actually suits me! It’s certinaly a brave choice for me. Who doesn’t need colour in their lingiere draw?! The watermelon and plum work beautifully together with a cute criss cross pattern. The material is soft and breatable/light. Portia is a unpadded balcony bra.

I am so happy to say that this bra fits me like a dream! Before CK I was convinced I needed a boob job as NO bra fitted me. I hated my boobs. The 32 band is firm so lifts my boobs into place and the E cup gives them a nice rounded but naturual shape. I stay in the cups. The wire sits low on the underarm which I find way more comfortable.  This Portia bra comes with fully adjustable straps which is a must for me.

The thong in a size 10 is also a great fit as I find CK runs tight in breifs. I LOVE this set. It is not a “sexy bra” but it’s not your plain “everyday bra” either. It’s very colourful/bright/playful and super pretty.

This set fits me better than the Romance set in my opinion, but i am still crazy about Romance! All my other bras from Boux Avenue (aside from 2..maybe) have now been put to shame by Portia as it has shown me what a bra should really fit like!

Go to amazon to buy this set. It’s been reduced.. xx

Curvy Kate Romance Review.

Seeing as Curvy Kate had a sell on Amazon. I decided to treat myself to the Romance Bra and Thong set in “plum/Watermelon.”
As soon as I saw the colour of it, i feel in love


The purple and pink look stunning together! And when you put it on it’s so comfortable… it’s easily sexy!! The band felt firm and the cup material is so soft but supportive.

My normal size of 34DD has now changed to 32E/F. I ordered a size 32E. I love the shape this set gives me. It lifts them up and gives them a “round look” like i find most CK bras do. The straps are fully adjustable which is great for my teeny thiny shoulders.

The thong is also comfy yet sexy. I decided to go for a size 10 (normal size 8) as I find CK brief run tight. I’m glad I did as i felt perfect and made me feel good about my figure.

All all I can say is Curvy Kate sell miracles!! ♡
Next review: CK watermelon/plum Portia set (32E/10).

My first lingire review – Lola By Curvy Kate.

For those of you who don’t know, Curvy Kate is a brand of lingerie aimed at the D+ cup ladies. (

I was lucky to win a Lola set on twitter! I had never even heard of the company before. All i knew was NO bra ever fitted me right and it was bringing me to deapire.

When it arrived it looked beautiful. Its in a size 34DD. Lola is a black padded bra with cute detailing on the side. The band feels loose but still lifts my boobs. The fact that it’s padded gives them a full look. The straps are adjustable.
I now know 34DD is my wrong size so i slighty overflow the cups.

It is a gorgeous bra and the thong is also stunnying although tight in a size 8. It’s a sexy set but also “plain” enough to be an everyday bra.