Ever noticed life is just one messed up balancing act? Today has been a busy, emotional day. It’s got me thinking.about how many people I’m trying to be. 1) An employee with too much stress to handle. 2) A girlfriend dealing with realtionship issues. 3) A friend who’s trying to keep in the loop. 4) A daughter (etc) that’s trying to do right. 5) A woman learning who she is and how she wants to live. Is it any wonder I can’t sleep? Is it any wonder I’m stressed….



We all have baggage, something that makes us “un lovable”. Some of us admit what our baggage is, and with pride realise it’s just part of who we are. Others hide it with shame.

I was having shall we say, a discussion with my partner about baggage. He so kindly pointed out my “flaws.” He pointed out how my past makes me fearful of bumping into anyone of my exes and how I don’t trust anymore.

What my partner fails to understand is that, although I lack in trust, I love unconditionally. I walk with my head held high because I have earned it. I respect and cherish the people in my life because they’re the ones who saved me. My self-esteem may be low but I walk and talk like the most confident woman in the world because I am a survivor. I appreciate everything beacuse I came from nothing. Now tell me how my baggage weighs me down I feel light as air..