Organix Review: Ever Straight brazilian kerarin smooth Shampoo

I have wanted to try the Organix range for sometime now, I like the fancy, nice looking packaging ok!

I chose the Ever straight one as I felt it would meet my needs. I have dry, thick, wavy hair that I straighten daily (except my Lazy Sundays .. don’t judge) and this shampoo claimed to “smooth the cuticle for straight, strong tresses’.


Any hair product with Kerarin tends to work on my hair so was really excited to give this one a go ! Let’s start with the packing. I love it ! It’s a lovely brown and gold and looks more expensive than it really is.

Now the smell. It says it has coconut oil and butter but to me it smells kinda of nutty (no jokes) and I really really adore nutty smells so enjoyed using it. It’s strong but doesn’t last once you’re out of the shower.

On to the the most important part, how it worked. It lathers up nicely and I could feel the shampoo detangle my hair making it soft and manageable. I followed up with the same conditioner and after blow drying my hair looked glowing and shiny ! I was so impressed, my hair also felt soft and hydrated and was so easy to straighten after. Only down side ? Made my scalp so so itchy but am going to keep trying it. Xo