The art of moving on. It’s not all doom and gloom being single !

What does one do after a 14 month relationship ends?  When you feel like you’re nothing with out your other half. It’s time to move on!

Finding something that makes you happy ..

Now you have time to yourself again you can concentrate on making yourself happy; go out with friends, shop, have  a girly night in, read .. just enjoy it 😀 It’s okay to feel sad, upset and hurt, but don’t let those feelings control your life

Getting rid of those memories ….

Why keep the things that are going to remind you of your ex? … Bin em’ and move on already! Delete all the text messages, emails etc, delete their email, number, Facebook .. You’ll start to feel much better .. there’s no point dwelling on the past.

Theres plenty of fish in the sea …

You will find someone new, maybe not by next week, but overtime you will meet someone better. It’s always scary getting back on the “dating scene” especially when it feels like a lifetime since you were last single.  It’s not hard to find someone … go out with your mates, try dating websites, which ever way works best for you. Just be yourself and you bag yourself someone else before you know it!

Remeber .. it’s okay and natural “to mourn” but just don’t let being single ruin your chance of happiness..