Things can only get better

Fresh start

It’s been six weeks since my long-term relationship came to an
end, badly. For the first two weeks I was in agony, I had never felt that kind
of pain before and even sunk back into self-harming.

It was like a nightmare I couldn’t escape from, I kept
“begging” him to take me back as I was certain he was my soul mate,
I’d cry myself to sleep every night, there was no light at the end of the

Then it hit me; I’m a strong woman who will not let a man destroy me,
I deserve to let him go and move on with my life. I realised, (with help from
my girlfriends,) that he wasn’t my soul mate and I wasn’t destined to be with
him and I have now accepted that, yeah I miss his friendship and am hurt he’d
rather be single than with me after all the good times we had, after all the
effort we both put in, but I know that these feelings will fade with time.

I’m now feeling so positive about myself, about my future. I have
already started dating someone who is sweet, funny and gets on well with my
friends. Some people may think that I’m in the wrong for moving on so fast
after an eighteen month relationship, that it means I didn’t love or care for
him, however I feel ready so do not owe anyone a damn justification. I’m happy
and I’m thankful for that.

I just wish I could have dealt with the break-up better instead of
crying , self-harming, constantly asking for him back, I should have talked to
my girls about how upset I was, maybe that would have saved me a lot of heart-ache.