New Year and broken promises

It’s almost 2011, the year of the Rabbit, yes I did my research. Every year we make resolutions we never keep.

Year upon year I promised myself a healthier diet, exercise and to lose weight. it never happened. That used to be my resolution.

These are my new year resolutions I am planning to make;

  • Give to charity. Instead of throwing my old, unwanted items out, I will give them to charity in hopes it can make them some money and help those who really need it. I also wish to donate (even if it is a small amount) of money to other charities.
  • Become an organ donor. I have become a blood donor and want to take it to the next level by offering a life saving gift after I die (which hopefully wont be for an extremely long time!).
  • Become less selfish. 

I know these resolutions I can stick to!

What new years resolutions are you planning to make for 2011?

What ever they are, live long and happy (:

Live with no regrets, smile when the world gets you down and let go of jealousy and hatred.


It’s Christmas!!

Once again, it’s that wonderful time of year. Christmas!

Days are growing short, nights are dark and cold, annoying adverts making sure we don’t forget christmas is just around the corner, mornings becoming dull making us want to stay in the warmth of our growling comfortable beds overlayed christmas songs on the radio.

Despite this, I can’t help but start to feel festive and excited every year!

I love taking the time to find a present for the ones I enjoy  treating myself to tasty hot chocolate afterwards, come on, I deserve it!  Giving out christmas cards is also another highlight. siting around the christmas table with my family and really just enjoying the togetherness the holiday brings.

This year however feels different, now I am juggling my last year at college and my first weekend job, I don’t have much time to actually go out and buy gifts for my friends and family, now I have rushed my shopping after my shifts and done most (say 89%) of my shopping online during my lunch breaks at college – talk about taking the joy out of christmas! It doesn’t seem very festive to me but it’s the closet this busy girl can get to festivities this year.

I can not wait to sit back and enjoy christmas day surrounded by my family watching rubbish on t.v and eating untill my stomach explodes. I have my cousins little get together, she’s going all out!

What are you looking forward to this year? …

p.s 15 days to go 😀