Longleat Festival of Lights 2015.

I adore winter, always have. Something about the winter months I find romantic, perhaps beacuse i met J 6 years ago during winter. Last year my Grandparents (In Laws) gave J and I both Longleat passes. We were thrilled. The first thing we did was attend the festival of Lights as a family.

The festival of Lights is a Chinese celebration so of course the whole theme is Chinese myths/Beliefs etc.

Today J and I decided to head to it alone.. yet again I was so happy with it!



It’s amazing. The lights, the hard work and the atmosphere. Each bit has a bit of information about lights. To learn more see:



Curvy Kate Romance Review.

Seeing as Curvy Kate had a sell on Amazon. I decided to treat myself to the Romance Bra and Thong set in “plum/Watermelon.”
As soon as I saw the colour of it, i feel in love


The purple and pink look stunning together! And when you put it on it’s so comfortable… it’s easily sexy!! The band felt firm and the cup material is so soft but supportive.

My normal size of 34DD has now changed to 32E/F. I ordered a size 32E. I love the shape this set gives me. It lifts them up and gives them a “round look” like i find most CK bras do. The straps are fully adjustable which is great for my teeny thiny shoulders.

The thong is also comfy yet sexy. I decided to go for a size 10 (normal size 8) as I find CK brief run tight. I’m glad I did as i felt perfect and made me feel good about my figure.

All all I can say is Curvy Kate sell miracles!! ♡
Next review: CK watermelon/plum Portia set (32E/10).

My Stay at Spread Eagle Inn

Spread Eagle Inn is a four star Inn located in the romantic and peaceful setting of Stourhead. It offers 5 spacious rooms with lovely Georgian decor.

The pub itself offers fantastic service with a great choice of drinks and food with a relaxed atmosphere and a roaring fire. I decided to try the pork and chorizo bean stew with crumble for afterwards with a (small) glass of Saviorgen Blanc. (diet starts tomorrow, I swear!). I can see why it won a AA dinner award!

I stayed for one night with my boyfriend and the bedroom was larger than expected! It was very clean and as promised it’s decor was Georgian and made it romantic. The Inn was peaceful with only one other couple staying, I feel because of this the service was fantastic. The staff were all friendly and able to answer any of our questions.

The location of the Inn is outstanding. After check out (10am), we had a walk around the stunning Stourhead grounds and visited the gift shop before we collected a hamper from the Spread Eagle for our lunch.

I would recommend this inn for couples as it’s peaceful, romantic and a good place to relax and get away from it all.

I can’t upload photos right now but I promise soon…

xox http://www.spreadeagleinn.com/accommodation

Life lessons.

Since I turned 21 (all of 3 months ago, haha!), I’ve realised a LOT of things I wish I knew when I was 16.


1) No matter how old I am, I will always need my parents – I have found new respect, gratitude and love for both of my parents.  They will always be there for me and I have to understand I am forever their little girl, and I’m okay with that!

2) Family and friends are THE most important things – not work, money etc.

3) Loving someone is the most scary YET amazing thing a human can experience – When I was 16, I was afraid to fall in love, I had been hurt by many men and felt falling in love was a sign of my weakness. Now I tell my partner of three years that I love him and that he’s my soul mate. I’m so glad I know what love really is now..

4) Be proud – 5 years ago I would have never imaged I could do all the things I have done, I passed college, I am holding down a job, I am filled with self confidence, I have gone to new places, done new things, I have battled depression (on-going…). I am truly proud of myself for the first time in my life. I need no one else’s approval, I am me without ANY apologies or regrets!