Why woman need to speak up

I was 16 when I first realised my body was there for men to enjoy. It started innocently enough, the odd compliment from men, no harm there !

When I was 18 I decided to meet some friends, on the way a man (forcefully) stopped me and asked me out for coffee and started to follow me after I said no. I wasn’t offended, just scared so i went in a pub .. you know a public place, safety lesson number 1!

In that pub two men approcahed me and proceded to pull my top down and make comments about my breasts. I was outraged and didn’t know how to act. I did the only thing I could think of. I locked myself in the toilets and cried. I realised I was just a girl, a girls who body deserved to be looked at and touched by strange men without my consent. At least that’s how society sees it…

I told my Grandfather what had happened (we are close and he’s my hero). He told me that a woman shouldn’t go into a pub alone and that when he was younger he use to go with female Co workers to the pub in case that happened. That is something that stuck with me … “because you are a woman”. As if it should make a difference !

It angers me that girls/woman/females need safety lessons, like we’re asking to be attacked. I think men are the one who needs lessons in how to realise they have no power of or entitlment over females.


The he for she movement

As (I hope) you are aware. Emma Watson gave a courageous and heart felt speech about feminism and equal rights.

In this speech, she talks about how the term feminism has gone hand in hand with men hating and has become an “ugly word”.

The New revolutionary movement called he for she is about making sure that woman’s right issues are to be everybodys concerns and fought for by all. It makes sense, we all share this earth as one after all. Any humanitarian issue is all of our issues to deal with.

I have always felt strongly about feminism and womans rights but never really felt a connection with any of the movements (yes all woman for example). But Emma’s speech does make complete sense. Equal rights is everybodys issue us woman and not alone in this battle anymore, it’s gone beyond woman’s right and is now about equal rights for any gender.

Please go to YouTube to view/listen to Emma’s moving talk. Who knows boys/men.. You might agree also.