A note to my boyfriend

To my boyfriend,  I know you’ll read this and I think it’s cute you take an interest in what I have to say. We’ve been together for 5 years now and as we take the next step I feel there’s a few things you need to know. 

The reason I nag, bitch, moan or give you “ultimatums” isn’t beacuse I want to hurt you. It’s beacuse you’re the best thing to happen to me and I know you/we can be great. Everything I do comes for love and passion.

I demand 100% honesty and sincerity beacuse I don’t understand dishonesty.

I love the fact we don’t do small talk. I can be my unusual self and you don’t seem fazed anymore. That’s the most exciting part of having a long term relationship with you.

I know I talk about being open minded but when it comes to relationships I’m old fashioned. I like when you open doors for me, I prefer phone calls and love notes over texts. I (try and) take charge of gift giving for your…our family beacuse I love how hard you work and feel like that’s my role (old values again).

I believe in soul mates and I love the connection we have.

I love you.


Autum and Winter Skin Saviour.

I know it’s only September but I’ve started to get my skin ready for the colder months ahead !

Every winter I feel bad about my skins awful/dry condition. This year I’m doing something about it.


Body Butters are something I swear by. I love Shea or Coca Butter (body Shop) as it is the best for my very dry skin, but as I don’t have any for now I’ve been using Honeymania butter (which was free! ). I didn’t think I’d like this …. but the smell is ok, not powerful and it really does hydrate my skin. It’s ace.

I also have the honeymania lip balm which was also feee. Perfect to fit in handbags. It keeps my lips soft and kissable. Pucker up …! It’s a very sweet smell which isn’t my favourite but I can over look that as it works wonders.

I’ve been loving avon products for my hands and feet. I use their Planet Spa Blissfully Nourishing Hand and Foot Scrub. It’s a creamy scrub with Shea butter in it and works well at getting all the dry, dead skin off hands and feet as well as keeping them smooth and moisturised. I like the smell of this, reminds me of popcorn. I Use it twice a week. At a bargain price if £3.16 (on offer) I’ve stocked up.

To keep feet extra soft after exfoliating I use Avons foot works beautiful overnight cream with moisture socks. This cream is lovely to use and mildly scented. I use this twice a week to keep my feet soft, smooth and hydrated.

For my hands I use Avons Coca Butter hand cream. It smells like chocolate (no suprise there) and is the best hand cream I have used, and I’ve tried a lot ! The scent is fairly strong but doesn’t lingire. I use this with moisture gloves at night twice a week for extra moisture while I sleep… as well as every morning before I leave the house.

Any winter skin saviours you swear by? Let me know. Thanks for reading xo

Organix Review: Ever Straight brazilian kerarin smooth Shampoo

I have wanted to try the Organix range for sometime now, I like the fancy, nice looking packaging ok!

I chose the Ever straight one as I felt it would meet my needs. I have dry, thick, wavy hair that I straighten daily (except my Lazy Sundays .. don’t judge) and this shampoo claimed to “smooth the cuticle for straight, strong tresses’.


Any hair product with Kerarin tends to work on my hair so was really excited to give this one a go ! Let’s start with the packing. I love it ! It’s a lovely brown and gold and looks more expensive than it really is.

Now the smell. It says it has coconut oil and butter but to me it smells kinda of nutty (no jokes) and I really really adore nutty smells so enjoyed using it. It’s strong but doesn’t last once you’re out of the shower.

On to the the most important part, how it worked. It lathers up nicely and I could feel the shampoo detangle my hair making it soft and manageable. I followed up with the same conditioner and after blow drying my hair looked glowing and shiny ! I was so impressed, my hair also felt soft and hydrated and was so easy to straighten after. Only down side ? Made my scalp so so itchy but am going to keep trying it. Xo

Curvy kate review: Shockwave Bikini

I can hear my 16 year self screaming at me now: “A bikini that fits your big bust?! Haha yeah, whatever!”.
I’ve never had good experiences with bikinis. I’ve never had one that fits! It will sit around my 31″ frame but the cups wouldn’t fit and would expose me … The horror !

Let me introduce you to Curvy Kate who sell “bra sized” swimwear staring at a D cup.  I chose Shockwave due to its 70s inspired pattern and colour. I love this bikini.


The top is in size 32E and the bottoms in a size 10. The fit is perfect. The 32 band provides great support and uplift… as I’m sure you will agree. I don’t spill out of the E cups even when swimming!
The bottoms are very comforable and not too reveling but I still felt sexy wearing it as I soaked up the sun in Turkey.

The colour is eye catching and summery for sure, made me feel daring and unstoppable. Like I said, I just adore the pattern and detail, the pink clip on the straps is very 70s and compliments the whole look. I would recommend Shockwave. It’s so beautiful. X

Fit: 4/5
Comfort: 5/5
Appearance: 5/5

My shaving essentials ft: Lush!

Most woman love having smooth, hair free legs! I know I do. However a few years ago my skin decided to get a very very awful rash that never went away no matter how much lotion the doctors gave me. They even told me to stop shaving … as if !!!!

So, these products from Lush have actually helped my rash dissaprear. I now have legs I can show off in a dress.


To start I use Rub Rub Rub Body Scrub on *dry* skin then rinse.  Using it on dry skin gives a rougher scrub (which my dry skin needs). I adore this scrub as it smells amazing and leaves my skin ultra bright and silky soft and smelling lovely for a long time after.

Then I use D’fluff shaving soap. This strawberry soap not only smells like, well yummy strawberries, it gives a close and comfortable shave without irritation.

Right before I get out the shower I rub Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner all over my legs (and body) and leave on for a minuite before rinsing off. This helps add extra moister to legs after shaving. It smells like rose jam (turkish delight to all you non lushies) and you don’t need body lotion after ! Now I have perfect summer pins.

Hope this helps x

Basic Summer/holiday Essentials

July is here! Time for my second holiday ! First being to the stunning Turkey, next week is Cornwall time ! Here is my list of essentials I take (excluding suncream and after sun and makeup etc). :

Lush; Happy Hippy shower gel:

This shower gel has a beautiful citrus scent to it making it perfect for a refreshing shower during those hot months! Also it’s so cheap at £4.50.

The body shop; Vitiman C face spritz:

This facial spray is perfect for holiday. It has a orange scent to it and feels cooling. It hydrates the skin which is super important while making the skin look happy and bright. I use this on my freshly shaved legs too for extra hydration and to make my legs look smooth and bright.

The Body Shop; coconut body butter:

I swear by body shops body butters. The coconut one is brill for those holidays. Keeps skin extra soft while smelling like a tropical dream…. nom !

Avon; balanced & matte spf 15:

As we all know spf is essential. One thing you should never forget to do is apply spf all over. Your face being no exception. If like me, you are forgetful (whoops!) use a facial lotion with spf after washing your face. This one is good for my oily skin. Keeps my skin soft and protected from the sun with out blocking my pores.

Carex; strawberry laces hands, face and body wipes:

I like to take wipes with me on holiday as me and ice cream make a mess, I am one messy eater ! It’s good to have wipes handy to freshen up whenever needed. These ones smell like the name suggests which I think is amazing!

What are your summer holiday must have ? Xo

Why woman need to speak up

I was 16 when I first realised my body was there for men to enjoy. It started innocently enough, the odd compliment from men, no harm there !

When I was 18 I decided to meet some friends, on the way a man (forcefully) stopped me and asked me out for coffee and started to follow me after I said no. I wasn’t offended, just scared so i went in a pub .. you know a public place, safety lesson number 1!

In that pub two men approcahed me and proceded to pull my top down and make comments about my breasts. I was outraged and didn’t know how to act. I did the only thing I could think of. I locked myself in the toilets and cried. I realised I was just a girl, a girls who body deserved to be looked at and touched by strange men without my consent. At least that’s how society sees it…

I told my Grandfather what had happened (we are close and he’s my hero). He told me that a woman shouldn’t go into a pub alone and that when he was younger he use to go with female Co workers to the pub in case that happened. That is something that stuck with me … “because you are a woman”. As if it should make a difference !

It angers me that girls/woman/females need safety lessons, like we’re asking to be attacked. I think men are the one who needs lessons in how to realise they have no power of or entitlment over females.