Curvy kate review: Shockwave Bikini

I can hear my 16 year self screaming at me now: “A bikini that fits your big bust?! Haha yeah, whatever!”.
I’ve never had good experiences with bikinis. I’ve never had one that fits! It will sit around my 31″ frame but the cups wouldn’t fit and would expose me … The horror !

Let me introduce you to Curvy Kate who sell “bra sized” swimwear staring at a D cup.  I chose Shockwave due to its 70s inspired pattern and colour. I love this bikini.


The top is in size 32E and the bottoms in a size 10. The fit is perfect. The 32 band provides great support and uplift… as I’m sure you will agree. I don’t spill out of the E cups even when swimming!
The bottoms are very comforable and not too reveling but I still felt sexy wearing it as I soaked up the sun in Turkey.

The colour is eye catching and summery for sure, made me feel daring and unstoppable. Like I said, I just adore the pattern and detail, the pink clip on the straps is very 70s and compliments the whole look. I would recommend Shockwave. It’s so beautiful. X

Fit: 4/5
Comfort: 5/5
Appearance: 5/5


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