My shaving essentials ft: Lush!

Most woman love having smooth, hair free legs! I know I do. However a few years ago my skin decided to get a very very awful rash that never went away no matter how much lotion the doctors gave me. They even told me to stop shaving … as if !!!!

So, these products from Lush have actually helped my rash dissaprear. I now have legs I can show off in a dress.


To start I use Rub Rub Rub Body Scrub on *dry* skin then rinse.  Using it on dry skin gives a rougher scrub (which my dry skin needs). I adore this scrub as it smells amazing and leaves my skin ultra bright and silky soft and smelling lovely for a long time after.

Then I use D’fluff shaving soap. This strawberry soap not only smells like, well yummy strawberries, it gives a close and comfortable shave without irritation.

Right before I get out the shower I rub Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner all over my legs (and body) and leave on for a minuite before rinsing off. This helps add extra moister to legs after shaving. It smells like rose jam (turkish delight to all you non lushies) and you don’t need body lotion after ! Now I have perfect summer pins.

Hope this helps x


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