Just another day..

Yes today I am feeling totally crap again!! I’ve just had a lovely week Off with Mr. J but I still feel low.

I feel like I’ve lost my balance. I was meditating and reading tarot cards and runes (accident rocks things) to get a sense of wellbeing and balance in my life, I was doing something positive for myself. It was making me feel “In control” and a gave me a sense of direction.. I hope you understand!

Now? Its seems everyone else comes first and yet again my needs get pushed a side. Friends and family? They need me right now as issues are going on. so no time for myself. Work? Expect me to work without breaks or any extra pay for over time. How charming is that! Relationship? Don’t get me started..

I’m being pushed to my limits again. My self-esteem and confidence is suffering and I just want to give in ..! I thought I was doing so well, no it’s all come back


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