Lush review: Rehab Shampoo

Hello! Yes, another Lush review. This time, Rehab shampoo. The reason I choose this shampoo is that I really wanted to try a natural hair care product.


I am so impressed with this shampoo. I blowdry and straighten my hair very often so my hair does get damaged, dry and plain dull.

The scent is a very clean one, but I like it, a lot! My hair felt like it was being deeply cleansed because of the peppermint oil, and after washing it out it already felt healthy and conditioned which I don’t get from just shampoo. Even when my hair needed to be washed again two days later, my hair still felt super soft.

After I was done in the shower (I used American cream conditioner) my hair looked so gorgeous and it had a bright shine. I think this is due to the fresh pineapple, mango and kiwi juice (wow, how tasty do those ingredients sound ..). My hair was tangle free, yay!

I would totally recommend this shampoo to anyone whos hair needs some care. Smells nice, cleanses deeply, de-tangles and softens with some seriously lush ingredients (peppermint oil, papaya, pineapple, mango and kiwi juice, fine sea salt, lavender oil to name a few…)

Thanks for reading xo


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