Curvy Kate Portia review.

When I first saw the bra when it arrived I must admit, my heart sunk. The colour is so bright! I tend to stick to black or dark purple or green.


But when I tried it on, I was thrilled to find it actually suits me! It’s certinaly a brave choice for me. Who doesn’t need colour in their lingiere draw?! The watermelon and plum work beautifully together with a cute criss cross pattern. The material is soft and breatable/light. Portia is a unpadded balcony bra.

I am so happy to say that this bra fits me like a dream! Before CK I was convinced I needed a boob job as NO bra fitted me. I hated my boobs. The 32 band is firm so lifts my boobs into place and the E cup gives them a nice rounded but naturual shape. I stay in the cups. The wire sits low on the underarm which I find way more comfortable.  This Portia bra comes with fully adjustable straps which is a must for me.

The thong in a size 10 is also a great fit as I find CK runs tight in breifs. I LOVE this set. It is not a “sexy bra” but it’s not your plain “everyday bra” either. It’s very colourful/bright/playful and super pretty.

This set fits me better than the Romance set in my opinion, but i am still crazy about Romance! All my other bras from Boux Avenue (aside from 2..maybe) have now been put to shame by Portia as it has shown me what a bra should really fit like!

Go to amazon to buy this set. It’s been reduced.. xx

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