My first lingire review – Lola By Curvy Kate.

For those of you who don’t know, Curvy Kate is a brand of lingerie aimed at the D+ cup ladies. (

I was lucky to win a Lola set on twitter! I had never even heard of the company before. All i knew was NO bra ever fitted me right and it was bringing me to deapire.

When it arrived it looked beautiful. Its in a size 34DD. Lola is a black padded bra with cute detailing on the side. The band feels loose but still lifts my boobs. The fact that it’s padded gives them a full look. The straps are adjustable.
I now know 34DD is my wrong size so i slighty overflow the cups.

It is a gorgeous bra and the thong is also stunnying although tight in a size 8. It’s a sexy set but also “plain” enough to be an everyday bra.

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