I am a self-confessed making a list addict!

We all have things that can instantly put us in a good mood when we’re feeling sad, angry or just plain fed up.

How can this NOT make you laugh or smile? !

My top 10 are … In no order might I add;

1) Making time to see a friend. Even if it is just to sit down and do nothing but chat. My best friend never fails to make me laugh till it hurts. How can that fail to but you in a good mood?!

2) Reading through nice texts/emails. If I’m feeling sad or lonely, reading through texts or emails that made me smile makes me feel happy again ! Reminds me that I have so many good mates.

3) Watching a programme I use to love as a kid.

4) Running a nice hot bath. You can’t beat a bit of relaxation now can you?!

5) Having early nights. I love climbing into bed with a book I can get lost in, that never fails to get me relaxed. An early night really can make you feel a million dollars the next day.

6) Writing down my worries. Sometimes if I can’t sleep, I get a bit of paper and a pen or pencil and write down everything that’s bothering me or a list of things I have to do – I am a self-confessed making a list addict and proud of it!

7) Spending time with my family. They may drive me insane at times but they aren’t half bad at cheering me up.

8) Reaching my little goals. After writing down (in list form of course) little and achievable goals I love knowing I can tick it off, makes me feel good inside,.

9) Shopping. Retail therapy, the best kind of therapy! My favourite thing to buy is a new pair of skinny jeans – always the highlight of the day when I go shopping.

10) Watching my cat. Sounds silly I know. But my cat is always hyper and always doing things that make my family and me laugh, it’s nice to watch her.

So there you have it … phew, 10 things that cheer me up on a bad day 🙂


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