New Year and broken promises

It’s almost 2011, the year of the Rabbit, yes I did my research. Every year we make resolutions we never keep.

Year upon year I promised myself a healthier diet, exercise and to lose weight. it never happened. That used to be my resolution.

These are my new year resolutions I am planning to make;

  • Give to charity. Instead of throwing my old, unwanted items out, I will give them to charity in hopes it can make them some money and help those who really need it. I also wish to donate (even if it is a small amount) of money to other charities.
  • Become an organ donor. I have become a blood donor and want to take it to the next level by offering a life saving gift after I die (which hopefully wont be for an extremely long time!).
  • Become less selfish. 

I know these resolutions I can stick to!

What new years resolutions are you planning to make for 2011?

What ever they are, live long and happy (:

Live with no regrets, smile when the world gets you down and let go of jealousy and hatred.

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