Why so much cheating?

Splitting up is never easy to do

Have you ever noticed how much infidelity goes in the world? Its getting more and more common for couples to split up over their partners sleeping around. Its happening everywhere, even in the land of the rich and famous. I don’t see why this is becoming a popular trend. I really wish I knew what causes people to cheat on the ones they love. I’m not judging anyone who may have cheated on someone, I just believe that if there are issues in the relationship, it’s better to be open and honest with your partner about them.

When I was younger (11 years old) my dad cheated on my mum with someone younger than her. I remember her screaming, crying and my dad moving out for a month. I didn’t understand what was going on and I had noone to talk to about it. Eventually my parents worked it out and to this day are stronger for it. I just wished we didn’t have to go through all the pain he had caused.

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