Living with Turner Syndrome, My story so far..

The 4 Years of My Life...

Turner syndrome (TS) is a

My Old Friend!

chromosome disorder that only affects girls (1/2.500 are effected). A girl normally has two X chromosomes. In turners, one of the X’s are either missing or in my case, damaged. It is thought that 1% of miscarriages are due to downs and Turner syndrome. Katie Price had a miscarriage and discovered her unborn daughter had TS. The main symptoms are; Lack of height and sexual development, webbed neck and feet, low ear set and infertility

When I was around 10 years old I was diagnosed with TS. I hadn’t grown in a year so was referred to a specialist by my doctor and the rest is history..

When I was 11 I started 4 years of daily injections of growth hormone (which has left a small white lump on my left upper arm) to help increase my height which is now 4 foot 11 inches. My Mum also warned me that if  I ever wanted kids I’d have to consider other possibilities like IVF.

Soon after I turnt 14 I decided to go to a trial to help other girls with TS. I had to take a daily pill of either placebo or oestrogen for 2 years without knowing which one I was taking. When I was 16 I was told I  had been in fact taking oestrogen which my Mum had a feeling I was!

I am now attending a young persons hormone clinic to keep a close eye on my health as TS has many implications such as kidney, heart and bladder problems. I also have my height, weight and blood pressure checked out.

I feel more comfortable talking about my condition than I use to. It’s a big part of my life and makes me who I am .. unique. I use to feel it made me a “freak” and I didn’t mention it to my boyfriends but now I’m proud to say yes, I do have Turner syndrome 😀


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